on my first post

So probably this is the first time i write again since about years.. i really think that i have the urge to write again, because only by writing, you can see and learn about how your thought and maturity grow.

i used to be active in tweeting, but blabbering your thought in 140 characters doesn’t really improve your writing skill. and what i used to read was just a friend’s facebook status (i surely consider some of them as interesting) and friend’s tweets (that often complains about this and that). i found this so not developing and unhealthy.

so then i try to start to read more thoughtful material. and now that i am pregnant, i feel this urgency to be smart – the smart mother and wife. i believe the more i write, the more i learn, and the more people learn something from what i write. so i hope that this would be a good start.

anyway, i used to write in dyingtobegorgeous.blogspot.com, but then i decided to write in new blog for some reasons.

the first reason is that i am not dying to be gorgeous anymore, haha. it was the old me, the ambitious me, who never get enough of recognition. i believe that i kinda change, and we’ll see that in what i write in this blog later :p as to describe me now is that i am more like “it’s ok to not to be gorgeous in your eyes but i know my place”.

the second reason is that i am trying to write down something more useful. my past blog contains more of my emotional stuffs. so emo :)) so i hope with this new blog i can write something more logical.


so what else?

see you on my next post, maybe 🙂 i hope you can get something useful and inspiring from my blog.


cheers 🙂


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