Hey Kid…

hey kid, guess what?

you make me learn a lot of things, remembering things i forgot.

you make me want to be a better person.

so, thank you Allah, who sent you to be with our little family 🙂


hey kid, guess what?

i believe that you are a very smart man inside.

i can see it in the way you kick my womb every time i’m in a meeting,

or everytime i work in front of my computer


hey kid, guess what?

remember that nobody is perfect,

but your mom and dad – they are trying to do their best for you


hey kid,

you will be mattered in this world,

because you are the light in the dark.

i promise i will make you shine.


hey kid,

i wish you know how much i love you..

despite of my lack of emotions, but i really wish you know.

someday you’ll know


menanam untuk akhirat, karena buahnya besar dan sangat manis, hasilnya bisa jadi belum bisa nampak di kehidupan dunia. malah kitanya yang harus capek-capek menyirami, memupuki dan menghilangkan hama-hama yang mengganggu. mending sebulan seperti kalau menanam kangkung, lama merawatnya seumur hidup yang kita sendiri tidak tahu umur kita berapa.

ada juga pilihan untuk menanam buah yang langsung terlihat manis dan besar di dunia dalam waktu singkat. ada yang berbuah dalam sebulan, setahun, atau bahkan 5 tahun. tentu saja tetap memerlukan perjuangan untuk merawatnya. tapi saking sudah seringnya berbuah di dunia, di akhirat tidak ada lagi yang tersisa.

tentu saja penting buat menanam keduanya, karena kehidupan di dunia dan akhirat harus seimbang. tapi jangan sampai kita kalap lantas menanam tumbuhan dunia terus, tapi tanaman akhiratnya ditelantarkan. kalau seperti itu, namanya panjang angan-angan.

semoga Allah selalu memberikan petunjuk kehidupan yang baik untuk alam akhirat yang baik, dan menguatkan usaha dalam merawat tanaman akhirat 🙂


We had a fair break up. We are cool, until now. No anger, neither vengeance. All is well.

You moved on with your life, achieving things. While here I am, struggling with what I have.

Why did we break up at the first place? Let’s say that we just took a different fork in the road. With our own reason and idealism, we choose our own path. And it was okay.

We talked briefly at the coffee shop. You asked me how my new life was going. I said, different. It could never be the same again.

I can only thank you for what you have done to me – to whatever you taught to me that made me who I am now. What would I do if it wasn’t you? It was a debt I could never pay. You said I have to keep on the right track and do my best, that I have a potential to be great.

We drank the last sip of chocolate, and we went back to the old place.

You said the door is open for me to be back with you. Why didn’t I just leave and say yes?

I didn’t know for sure. There was a certain part of me that was sure to leave you, but I can’t deny it’s very hard to move on.

Why can’t I go back? Perhaps because you matters to me too much, not as much as I matter to you. I just want myself to be mattered.

But until now, it is so hard to find someone to replace you. Maybe because all I could think of is just you and all of your traits. I just think that your figure is too ideal, too synchronized with what I expected…

Sooner or later I know I have to accept your replacement. To face the reality, that nobody else could ever be like you. That your replacement is not you yourself.

The easiest solution? Find someone better.

But maybe You already know how hard it is for me, because You was the one who picked me up at none and let me go polished. I don’t know if anybody else beside you can do that to me. Better people than you may choose someone better than me.

But I have to move on. Even if it is hard.

Because when a heart breaks, no it don’t break even.



ini konteksnya bukan pacaran dan cinta-cintaan lho ya. ini ceritanya waktu itu sedih krn berpisah jalan dgn bos favorit saya huhuhu.