Hey Kid…

hey kid, guess what?

you make me learn a lot of things, remembering things i forgot.

you make me want to be a better person.

so, thank you Allah, who sent you to be with our little family 🙂


hey kid, guess what?

i believe that you are a very smart man inside.

i can see it in the way you kick my womb every time i’m in a meeting,

or everytime i work in front of my computer


hey kid, guess what?

remember that nobody is perfect,

but your mom and dad – they are trying to do their best for you


hey kid,

you will be mattered in this world,

because you are the light in the dark.

i promise i will make you shine.


hey kid,

i wish you know how much i love you..

despite of my lack of emotions, but i really wish you know.

someday you’ll know


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