If I Ever Feel Worse

I was supposed to be good at event organizing things, yet it is something i could hardly do since now I have an awesome son that demands my care and attention almost all the time.

And it teaches me that in life, sometimes you have to try really hard to be good at something you might not be talented with.

I’m not the perfect mother. I worked with my laptop sometimes with my son tapping his hands on my keyboards, demanding my attention. But I have to finish something in it, either my design project or taking care his father’s hard earned money to accounts.

I’m not the perfect wife. So bad that I sometimes think what is it left from me that really makes my husband proud of. I’m not a good cook, mediocre in religion, messy organizer that I can’t even keep things at home really neat.

But you have to be good at it.

Being a wife and a mother is a job that requires you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, no holiday nor time offs, a job you could never resign once you get past the akad nikah and your son got out of your womb.

It’s not a job that you can quit because you feel like it’s not really your niche.

This one have to be your niche. And if you suck at it, the only option left is to be better at it no matter how lousy your improvement is.

Have a big heart. Forgive yourself for sucking the job. Be a better person and leave no room for sadness and griev.

Because life has to move on. Marriage grows, your son grows up, whether you like it or not. Whether you’re ready or not.