The Rule of The Game

Let’s play a game. Do you want to play a game?

You will be human in your next life. You will be implanted in selected embryo, and your destiny path and options is already written. The exit door is only 2 way: khusnul khatimah or su’ul khatimah, you can choose.

Your lifespan in this world is unknown, but average people live for around 63 years. After that, the angel of death will greet you. You will be buried and wait until the judgement day.

On judgement day, you will be judged by all the deed you’ve done. The judgement will be done by the one and only, the most righteous being.

Pass the sirath and enter the jannah – the beautiful place with flowing river underneath – then you win.

Dragged to naar – the pit of eternal fire – then you lose.

How to win the game?  A prophet has sent for you, 1400 years ago. He wrote all the game walkthrough for you, and all you have to do is to follow his way. Your goal is to spend your lifespan worshiping your creator and to do as many good deed as possible.

Sounds easy? Maybe. But there’s no game without enemy.

Your enemy is unseen, shape-shifting most of the time. He could be a jinn, he could be a human. He whisper bad thoughts for you, he will always try to drag you away from the right path. He is the most patient creature ever made, and he has live long before you are created, so he knows where to strike your weakness. He will make you worry all the time and slowly deteriorate your trust to your creator.

You are now vowing that you only worship one God, your creator. You will born with that, but somehow you will not remember it.

The best part of this game is that you often forget that this is a game, that you thought that this is reality.

But in fact, reality is what happens after the game ends.

If you win, you will be rewarded.

Let’s play the game. Are you game?


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